Frequently Asked Questions

Will GENconnect affect the generator warranty?

No, the generator warranty will not be affected. This is a read only device. It does not connect to the accessory port on the controller. It only connects to the Aux terminals the generator manufacturer provides.

Can GENconnect remote start the generator?

For standby generators, no, but off-grid and remote generators can be remotely started.*

Can GENconnect clear codes?

No*.  It is highly recommended that your service technician do an onsite inspection before clearing codes.

Can GENconnect measure fuel level?

Yes, for off-grid and mobile generators only, not for standby generators.*

Does GENconnect work on old generators?

Yes, any Genset before 2008 may not have a “common fault” hookup, but our “Fail to exercise alarm” ,”Load Side off alarm” and “Generator stopped alarm” are equivalent.

*Industrial Solution

The industrial solution allows full controller access to certified technicians, including remote start, clearing codes, and reading fuel level, if the generator supports it.

Generator Owners

I have a generator. Can you sell me a monitor?

We sell only to dealers.  Ask the dealer who installed your generator about GENconnect, or check out our Dealer Locator for a GENconnect dealer near you.

You can also fill out our Contact Us form, with details of your location, and we can help get you in touch with a local dealer.

What happened to Mobile Link?

Email to customers dated February 15, 2017:

Dear Mobile Link Customer,

The Mobile Link team has been informed that Canadian service providers have decommissioned their CDMA cellular network services. Throughout 2016 and early 2017, this network was gradually shut down, culminating in final disconnections that occurred on January 31st, and February 8, 2017. Unfortunately, Mobile Links’ technology depends on an active and functioning CDMA cellular network to communicate between your generator, the Mobile Link web-site, and apps for iOS and Android phones. Please be assured, this system decommissioning has no impact on the performance of your home standby generator, only the remote monitoring functionality.

Because your Mobile Link device currently holds some portion of a One Year or Three Year Subscription, we are offering a pro-rated refund. You will be issued a pro-rated refund to the credit card on file when possible (when your most recent charge was in the last 60 days); otherwise a Visa gift card (USD) will be issued. This refund is being made available to all affected users through April 30th, 2017. If you are interested in pursuing a refund, please send an email to before April 30th, 2017 and provide the following information:

Customer Name

MDN (our records show your MDN number as: ***********): We will be able to assess your refund amount based on this number.

Mailing address

Please accept our sincere apologies for this disruption in service. We are working diligently on alternatives to support the Canadian market’s remote monitoring needs, which we hope to provide within this calendar year. That being said, we cannot currently commit to a specific date the LTE cellular device will be available. When our LTE device does become available, you will be entitled to a credit toward the new device based on the age of your current Mobile Link. Please retain your current Mobile Link device to facilitate the exchange.

Sincerely,Mobile Link™ Team
Phone: 844-843-9436
Hours: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Mon-Fri (CST)